Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Making, Challenge #2

Getting Making: Session 1

The first session was a real success, with lots of great objects, ideas and discussion. We talked about things as diverse as Orlan, plywood, rubix cubes and sweets!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting Making, Challenge #1

Getting Making, the brief

No computers, ipads etc, only actual physical objects
As we each present our work, the presenter will not speak but the viewers will. 
Spend 2 hours or more on this project per week

Each week a new challenge will be set.  We will work on these challenges individually, making objects in response to them.
Through this we will explore making through 3d objects and materials, we will think with and through materials and see how our objects visually and physically communicate our ideas. 
The made objects do not need to be very finished, they should be explorations of what you can do, and why you are doing it, samples of your ideas and aesthetic.

We will share the results of our explorations weekly, meeting for an hour in the MADM studio after the Wednesday lectures.
This will involve all of us putting our objects out on display for each other to see and having a small discussion around them.  
The next challenge will be explained at the end of the discussion.

We will post about our made objects on our blogs so we can revisit each others work
Each week we will try to find new artists, makers, designers, buildings, architects, objects, whatever or whoever that relate to our objects and post these on our blogs too

·      the objects can be big or small, whatever suits you
·      they can be made from whatever suits you
·      they do not have to be finished products, or polished in anyway, it doesn’t matter what the objects look like
·      they should speak of your ideas without you having to explain them
·      challenge yourself - think about trying new ideas and materials 
·      work with materials, ideas and shape/form

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting Making

JMB Collective are starting a new project with the full time students on the MA Designer Maker at Camberwell.  We will set a new challenge each week to help us all think about our making, and through and about objects.

The first challenge will be given tomorrow afternoon to the group and we will post it here too.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

People's Pots workshop

Today we ran our People's Pots workshop, inviting people to come along and learn how to crochet a basic vessel. We'd made up lots of balls of yarn from disused materials: plastic bags, old fabric and sheets. We started participants off with balls of regular yarn, inviting them to graduate to the challenges of the uneven recycled yarns once they'd got the hang of it. There were some great results, and all very different.